Day 10: Create Your Best Life In The Best Of Health

Create Your Best Life In The Best Of Health

Hello, Friends and welcome to the last 24 hours of our Sugar Free Challenge!

Perhaps by now you’ve gleaned that the overall big picture and focus of this challenge was to increase awareness, specifically in our case, sugar consumption and it’s affects on our well-being.  It doesn’t matter if you had a slip up or two but that you’ve had 10 days to observe your habits with fresh eyes.  Hopefully you learned a few things along the way and feel inspired to continue to create your best life in the best of health.

It’s been a pleasure doing this challenge with you.  Please drop me a direct line or share with the group how the 10 Day Sugar Free Challenge went for you.

I’ll send one last email out tomorrow morning but until then ask yourself, what can you learn, be grateful for, do and create with the next wondrous 24 hours?

xo T

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