Day 8: Reset And Raise Your Bar

Hello and welcome to day 8 or our 10 Day Sugar Free Challenge!

I recently read that it takes our tastebuds approximately one week to reset themselves back to normal from the over saturation of sugar in our diets.  Hello, Day 8!

One of the challengers shared with me what happened when they went to Starbucks yesterday and ordered some pumpkin bread (totally forgetting about the challenge if you can imagine that ;-).  They took a bite and …”ugh, yuck, chemicals and too too sweet!” They didn’t even want to finish it (nor did they!).

Seems to support the seven day reset hypothesis.

How about you?  Are your tastebuds resetting?  

I made a few additional changes to my diet along with eliminating all added and refined sugar during this challenge and I can definitely tell a difference. My food is bursting with flavor…same dish I’ve cooked myself and eaten before the challenge but it just tastes better…brighter if that makes any sense.  And, added bonus, the food smells especially delicious.  I added some turmeric to my veggie stir-fry the other day and, viola, the whole kitchen smelled wonderful.

This brings it all home for me.  Why don’t I eat like this all the darn time?! Little by little some of my less than ideal habits creep back (hello, tortilla chips as a diet staple) and I’m unaware because it happens so slowly and appears insignificant in the mist of my daily doings.  It all seems normal and business as usual until I revisit a 10 day detox/cleanse/challenge and then I am reminded of the positive impact just a few small changes creates.

Point being, awareness is key.  True awareness not only helps free us from habits that don’t serve us well, but supports us in staying free and then raising our bar higher.  

Today, let’s take a group break and breathe. Let’s breathe to still ourselves; settle into our own skin. Let’s breathe to remind ourselves that all is well and we are enough just as we are.  Let’s breathe and remember that in natural law it is essential to take care of ourselves…not to just get through our days but to thrive, full of energy and with an abundant feeling of wellness.

Here is a simple breathing exercise that I invite you to try for at least 5 minutes and notice how you feel before and then after.

Please don’t be shy; share with the group or directly with me. I’d love to know how each one of you is doing.


Pause.  Turn off your phone.  Get comfy.
Close your eyes. Take a few cycles of breath simply noticing how you breathe but don’t try and change or control it in any way.

After a few rounds of observing your breathing pattern, shift your attention to your exhale and make your exhale a few counts longer than your inhale.

Let everything soften with your exhale; your forehead, eyes, cheeks, jaw, throat, shoulders, chest, belly…just let it all relax.

Put this on daily repeat for 5 to 10 minutes. Oh yeah…good stuff.

When your exhale is a few counts longer than your inhale it taps into your parasympathetic nervous system which controls your rest and relax response which in turn slows your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, supports higher brain functioning, sharpens your ability to focus, lessens anxiety and puts you into a state of calm and healing.  

When we create this “higher state” regularly and often (you can get to this state during  yoga too), it rewires your brain, creating more new pathways; happy and vital little pathways to boot!

So, please try it. At least a few times. Regenerate and reset your brain and thought patterns.  

Raise your bar, lovelies.

xo T

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