Day 5: Breathe & Know All Is Well

Hello and welcome to day 5…we’re half way there!

I’ve received a few true sugar confessions over the past two days and I want to let everyone know that it’s absolutely fine if you’ve slipped a bit (or a lot). Take a deep breath, have a glass of water and get right back on track. This is a reminder that perfection is not required or expected. Greater awareness, growth and keeping it real with yourself is the path.

So if you’ve been stressing out about the challenge, remember, all is well and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and learning the lessons that will benefit you the most.

Keeping it short and light today but can’t leave you without a little detox bath recipe. I put a link in today’s email about the benefits of detox baths but I wanted to share a super simple and dreamy little bath salt recipe for y’all to try out.

Detox Bath
1 C epsom salt
1/2 C sea salt or himalayan salt
1 C baking soda
10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Homework assignment…simultaneously soak and chill, friends.

xo Tricia

2 thoughts on “Day 5: Breathe & Know All Is Well

  1. Elsa Davern Reply

    Loggy and energetic at the same time….eating going well….found a cracker with no carbs and that was worth more then diamonds…laughing at myself over it….migraine still with me…lots of walks and trampoline stuff. And Yoga. Cheers to all! Elsa

  2. yogiswell Post authorReply

    Elsa….hello and thanks for sharing here with us.

    Sugar withdrawal symptoms are unique to each person but it seems that after day 5 headaches for a lot of people begin to dissipate.

    Here’s a link to Dr. Mark Hyman who I’ve followed for years now and who was the inspiration behind doing a group sugar free challenge. I recommend any of his books but specifically The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet if sugar is something you are looking at removing or cutting down on. The information is presented with research and with real life anecdotal application. It’s on my bookshelf and I suggest you give it a read. ps-it’s on the shelf in my local library so you may want to check where you are and give it a preview before deciding if you’d like to buy it.

    Dr. Mark Hyman Sugar Detox
    The Blood Sugar Solution Book

    Cheers right back to you, Elsa xo T

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