Day 2: What’s On Your Plate?

Hello, hello and welcome to the second day of our 10 Day Sugar Free Challenge!

How’s it going so far?  I’ve been getting all kinds of interesting and funny personal feedback which makes my day, so thank you.

So, here’s mine…I ate the weirdest dinner last night (picture and description in today’s Sugar Free Challenge email). And that is why these challenges are so illuminating for me.  Because the challenge is on and I’ve committed to upping my clean eating game I have had sweet potato toast (new to me), harissa (new to me) and I found out about the latest Brazilian breakfast trend; tapioca crepes Brazilian Breakfast Trend

So, any new food/challenge discoveries for you?

4 thoughts on “Day 2: What’s On Your Plate?

  1. Katie Williams Reply

    Hi there, I am actually eating pretty much my normal stuff – just changed breakfast (oatmeal with walnuts, blueberries, and flax milk) and mid morning snack (bread with crunchy almond butter.) The coconut milk in the coffee is not my favorite – any other suggestions?

    Also – I bought the Ezekiel bread, but found that my normal Central Market organic sprouted whole grain bread is also sugarless, and available at HEB in freezer section.

    Monster headache this morning – normal?


    • yogiswell Post authorReply

      Monster headaches and other withdrawal symptoms are real…you’re not alone. I have had word from a few of ya’ll.

      I gave up coffee a few years ago after one of these challenges when it became crystal clear to me that it wasn’t a good daily driver pour moi. I do know several people are dealing with the same creamer coffee dilemma. Anyone else have an idea for Katie on this?

      Read more here: Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

      xo T

  2. Bridgit Reply

    Hello fellow challengers!
    The why was an easy answer for me, self-preservation. I gave up alcohol four years ago for the same reason. That’s not to say knowing why is as easy as implementing this challenge thou. We are on day two and the only thing I feel is a dull headache while I drink my bitter coffee. Not the high life to say the least. That being said, I’m grateful for the awareness, (my obsessive label reading aside), I am finding this challenge more difficult than expected. I will try my best, I might slip or even fall hard but I am not going to worry about that now. We are all imperfect human beings. So I will solider on today being perfectly imperfect! Namaste. 🙂

    • yogiswell Post authorReply

      So beautifully said and brave of you for sharing. Drink lots of water and maybe try adding freshly squeezed hot lemon water first thing in the morning. It hydrates, wakes up the system 😉 and tastes yummy. Sending lots of love your way. xo T

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