Day 1: Why?

Hello wonderful and brave sugar free challengers,

Hopefully everyone received an email this morning talking about all the whys surrounding sugar and our health along with the list of 58 different names for sugar (if you didn’t get one, give me a holler).

So, the first why is, why did you commit to doing this 10 Days Sugar Free Challenge? Feel free to comment below but no worries, if not.  Ask yourself that question and write your answer down so you can reflect and remember if times get tough throughout the challenge 😉

Now go squeeze as much goodness out of this day as possible!

xo Tricia

One thought on “Day 1: Why?

  1. yogiswell Post authorReply

    Okay, I’ll kick this one off.

    There are a few reasons I partake in mini cleanses (detoxes, challenges…)
    The main one is to heighten my awareness in the area of my diet. I am completely onboard for eating in a way that best supports optimal health so I benefit from looking at my diet with beginner’s mind and I always learn something along the way.
    Secondly, the body responds well to these little breaks (the mind not so much). A 10 day cleanse from specific foods and substances lets the body restore and reset. A little meditation for our organs 😉
    Also, this challenge is a family affair and with all of us doing it together it’s fun family bonding.
    And last but not least, I do love a challenge. Exploring possibilities keeps life interesting and brings a little extra excitement to my day.

    Thanks for playing along with me! xo T

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